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What is a CSA?    CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture.” A CSA is basically a seasonal subscription to a farm, in exchange for weekly shares of fresh vegetables all season long. We’ll pick and pack the veggies here, and have the shares available for pick-up at the Northern Forest Canoe Trail Farmstand once a week.
Why join a CSA?    CSAs are a great way to ensure a continued supply of farm-fresh food all summer. They help connect farms to their local communities, and help connect people to the food they eat. CSAs give people a convenient way to eat well, eat healthy, and try new vegetable types and varieties. They’re also a good investment: a CSA subscription will actually save money (as compared with buying produce at retail prices) over the course of the season.
What’s in it for us?    Here at Clyde River, we’ll use CSA subscriptions as start-up to purchase seed and organic fertilizer, make repairs on tractors and other equipment, and pay wages to employees and interns. All these things make our farm run more smoothly and productively, which means we can provide our customers with more high quality produce.
How does it work?    Subscriptions can be bought at the beginning of the season (now) in “full shares” or “half-shares.” Full shares are good for families, and provide veggies every week until the end of the season in September. Half shares are good for non-vegetarian families or couples, and also provide veggies every week until the end of the season.
How much does it cost?    Full shares cost $375 and half shares will cost $200 for the 12-week season. The shares offer substantial savings from store prices. If you go on vacation or need to miss a week, just let us know in advance and we’ll give you a credit redeemable anytime at the farm stand.
When does it happen? Our summer season will run from June 30 - September 15, 2016.

Clyde River Farm CSA 

Summer shares start June 30th, send us an email to subscribe today!